It's within 5minutes on foot from Zenrakuji and Tosajinja in Kochi city!



Hi there!


I’m Junpei Tsubouchi.


I started to run my small inn since the end of December 2020.


I had been working as an employee while hiding what I really want to do in order to live a secure life until I decided to start my own business.


The act made me feel really depressed.


I had always been wanting to do what I want to do, when I was still an employee.


At last, I decided to start my own business when I joined and made a pilgrimage in Ehime prefecture at March 2020.


I have three reasons for that.


First, I was really touched by the Osettai culture of Shikoku pilgrimage when I started to create a pilgrimage.


※Osettai is the action of giving of food and money etc to pilgrims.


By that feeling , I want many people (especially foreigners) to feel the culture of the Shikoku pilgrimage and get heartwarming experiences.


For that idea, I thought it is necessary to offer inns where pilgrims can stay safely.


Next, I always dreamed of studying abroad for a few years when I was an employee, but regrettably, I chose to stay as an office worker in order to live a secure life.


Fortunately, I realized that It might be a good idea to welcome foreigners instead of studying abroad.


Lastly, I’m still single and need to avoid loneliness, so I had to apply and use this idea to see and meet different people.


Those are my reasons why I started my business.


And by now I am hoping to see foreigners, pilgrims as well as Japanese tourists staying in my small inn. Everyone is very welcome to stay and enjoy the services that my inn has to offer.


I’m excited to welcome you all!